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A site full of beautiful, plant based food, with simple, nourishing, Ayurvedic recipes for the whole family.
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There is nothing more nourishing than self made food…

You can find here easy seasonal, delicious recipes for body and mind balance.

With a passion for Ayurveda and intuitive eating (and a true believer of the 20/80% rule)  I’m here to inspire you for the healthy part, the rest you can figure it out!


Green Spring Risotto

Green Spring Risotto

Recipes Green Spring RisottoWith a touch of pink LOVE, courgette, peas and baby spinach... Raddish brings back my childhood memories of spring... When I think raddish, I think spring! 30 min.4 pers. 500gr risotto rice large onion 2 garlic (squeezed) olive oil approx....

Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush

Recipes Baba GanoushWhen you are bored with hummus, try this creamy aubergine dip! As a tapenade with vegetables or with flatbread. Works also as a delicious breadspread.30 min. (inc. 25 min oven time)4 pers. 2 aubergines 1 spoon tahini 1 garlic (squeezed) lemon juice...

Green Shake

Green Shake

Recipes Green ShakeOk, so this lovely green shake is absolute one of my favorite! It’s delicious and even my kids really love it, too! (You just have to get kids over the green colour for the first time, - I used the “drangon drink trick “ and once they tried it, it...

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